2008 Polaris Sportsman 800 Service Manual Pdf

Contact your Polaris dealer for inspection of clutch com- ponents. Polaris disc brake systems are light weight, hipoacusia pdf low maintenance Dispose of brake fluid properly.


Verify the vent is clear and open. Slow down when entering slippery areas. Refer to the steps below for fuel line removal. Avoid operating over large obstacles such as rocks and fallen trees when possible.

The switch snaps out by pushing in on the tabs on both sides of the The brake light A and the work light B are both located in the switch. Please help in solving the problem. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Do not smoke or allow open flames or sparks in or near the area where refueling is performed or where gasoline is stored.

Apply an anti-seize compound to splines. Stabilize the Fuel Fill the fuel tank. Do not let calipers hang by the brake line.

The brake light A and the work light B are both located in the rear tail lamp housing. Align the pin A in the top block with the middle hole B in the bottom block for proper installation. The red wire connects to the battery. Check the brakes for excessive travel or spongy feel. Install the spider assembly onto the shaft with the retaining ring on top of the spider.

Take the vehicle to your dealer before starting the engine. Replace component as wear. Equipped with the industry's largest cargo system. Display as a link instead. Install piston D with a twisting motion while pushing inward.


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Polaris Sportsman

Torque rods and push the piston pins through the piston and bolts to specification. Drain and properly dispose of transmission oil.

Do not activate the override switch while the throttle is open. Install cam and Assemble the crankcase halves. Pull the tabs out of the notches and lift up on the cover piece. Install brush plate to field magnet housing aligning index tab. Check your surroundings and determine your path of travel.

Sit upright with both feet on the footrests and both hands on the handlebars. Use of other oils may result in improper operation of components. All references to left and right side of the vehicle are from. If the throttle cable should stick in an open position when the operator releases the throttle lever, the engine will stop, and power to the rear wheels will cease. Clean with electrical contact cleaner or a glass bead spark plug cleaner only.

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Also inspect the roll cage for cracks and ensure the rollers are Stop engine, place machine in Park and set parking brake. How do I get a copy please. The passenger backrest should be face down in the cargo box and the driver seat backrest should be locked into position. Using moderate hand pressure, hold the tool on top of the piston while using compressed air at the gearcase passage circled to force piston up and out of the case. Place the transmission in the Neutral gear before disassembly.


Page Starting The Engine Water in the bottom of the crankcase can lead to engine damage and must be drained. Page Transmission Installation Transmission Installation Reconnect the torsion bar to both lower control arms. Some of the tools listed or depicted are mandatory, while other tools maybe substituted with a similar tool, if available.

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Install new compression ring on drive shaft. Place a container below the caliper to catch brake fluid that will drain from the brake line. Keep the spring in place while the fork is being installed on the shaft and while placing the shafts into the case. Install new valve seals valve.

Replacement safety decals are provided by Polaris at no charge. Events Sportsman Stories Videos. Just bought a polaris sportsman. What are your honest thoughts on Polaris sportsman's? Page Operator Safety Failure to follow the warnings contained in this manual can result in severe injury or death.

Polaris snowmobile universal owner's manual pages. Souldyou have a manual with a wiring diagram? Check the security and surface condition of the disc. Took a long enough ride to break in the cam properly at least so I won't have to worry about that.

Install rear rack onto rear frame and cab. Inspect O-ring and replace if damaged. Inspect the spider dampener E for wear and replaced if needed.

Install snap ring into groove. Reinstall the chain onto the front output shaft and rear output shaft.