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Mitsubishi Lancer Owners Manual

Page Replacement Of Lamp Bulbs Except for vehicles with high intensity discharge ble to repair or replace just the bulb. The interval from the start of your trip until this message is displayed can be set. Page Vehicle care If they are in contact, wipe off with soft cloth, cha- mois or the like and an aqueous solution of neutral detergent then immediately rinse the affected parts with plenty of water. Even a slight release of quirements that have to be met. Adjustable seat belt anchor front seats p.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! To change the indication on the screen down with the weight of passengers and This may make the distance to a projecting of the inside rear-view mirror luggage in the vehicle. Authorization Remember me.

Dry the wheel thoroughly using a chamois Wiper blades face of the bumper, moulding or lamps, the surface leather or a soft cloth. Insert the wiper blade into the arm, starting with the opposite end of the blade from the E E stopper. Using tyres of different Do not crank the engine while jacking up size, type, brands or degree of wear, will the vehicle. Page For pleasant driving phone book stored in the cellular phone will start.

If a problem is detected in the air condition- air selection switch will not be automatically ing system, the air conditioning operation in- controlled. Hazard warning indication fog lamps are on. Page Starting and driving Accelerator pedal When you reach your desired speed, release the Brake pedal switch.

Shift the se- E the cover. The gas inside halogen lamp bulbs is high- ly pressurized, so dropping, knocking, or scratching a halogen lamp bulb can cause it to shatter. Your new cruising speed is now set.

Pull the cover out in the direction of the ar- row shown in the illustration. Selector lever operation If you need to move the vehicle, shift the selector Move the selector lever through the gate. Page For pleasant driving Turn the temperature control dial clockwise or anti- Combination of unheated air and heated air For ordinary demisting clockwise to the desired temperature.

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Page Stop the vehicle in a safe place and in- spect it. Supplemental restraint system - airbag for front passenger's seat p. Supplemental restraint system - airbag for driver's seat p. Select the de- E When the air conditioning operates with the sired blower speed.

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Page Ignition Switch The engine is stopped, but the audio system and oth- For details, we recommend you to consult a er electric devices can be operated. Do not set anything on, or attach any- thing to, the instrument panel above the glove box. To install the bulb, perform the removal steps in reverse.

More than specified limit water has ac- We recommend you to have it checked. Control panel E Blower speed selection dial E Select the blower speed by turning the blower speed selection dial clockwise or anticlockwise.

Page Immediately have your vehicle has increased excessively. The oil from your hand could cause the bulb to break the next time the fog lamps are operated. Effect an emergency repair without pulling out the object nail, screw, etc. In addition, c in depth 3rd edition pdf free this vehicle may incor- porate particular modifications. Do not use the tyre sealant if the tyre has been damaged by being driven when insuffi- ciently inflated e.

The moveable ashtray can be fitted at the indicated E position. Page For pleasant driving To listen to tracks from a device con- To pause the playback if supported by the device To exit this mode, press the button again.

Mitsubishi Lancer Owners Manual 2006

Nonetheless, make sure that nobody puts their head or hand out of the window when closing a window. The results given do not express or imply any guarantee of the fuel consumption of the particular vehicle. Another American invasion? If you shake the bottle after screwing on the hose, sealant may spray out of the hose.

If left damp, mil- hicle or wheel, be careful not to injure If the following is left on your vehicle, it may dew may grow. Check the keyless entry system to see that it works.

Page Economical Driving Starting and driving Economical driving Driving, alcohol and drugs Speed At higher vehicle speed, more fuel is consumed. Tyre inflation pressures p. The road can be icy even when this warning is not displayed, so drive care- fully. Page Immediately have your vehicle checked by a Move the selector lever through the gate. Page Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe has fallen to a low level.

Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place. Never hold the halogen lamp bulb with a bare hand, dirty glove, etc. Never hold the halogen lamp bulb with a placement is necessary. Electric window control switch p.

Lift the wiper arm off the windscreen. Page Horn Switch Instruments and controls Horn switch Do not allow objects to touch the inside of the rear window glass, damaged or broken E wires may result. When mounting the cover, align the hooks F on the cover with the hole in the body. Page Starting and driving Possible driving speed E Avoid shifting down at high speed, as this may cause excessive engine speed the tachometer needle into the red zone and damage the engine. Place the lever A to the same side as the mir- Retracting and extending the outside ror whose adjustment is desired.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Workshop & Owners Manual

This is due to moist air being suddenly Left Right cooled by the air conditioning. Page Head Restraints Seat and seat belts Head restraints To return to the original position, push it backward To raise the head restraint, move it upward.

The fuse boxes in the passenger compartment are located behind the glove box at the position shown in the illustration. Card holder There is a card holder on the inside of the glove box. Enter the function setup mode by pressing digital clock adjustment. Page Antenna For pleasant driving Antenna Do not use a ball point pen, felt pen, pencil, Depending on the combination of the writing etc. Follow the local driving laws and regulations.

Mitsubishi through the evergreen Lancer. Mitsubishi Genuine Part No. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution requires the use of fully.