2005 Volvo S40 Owners Manual Pdf

Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury to the vehicle occupants. Volvo's environmental activities are based on a holistic view, which means we consider the overall environmental impact of a product throughout its complete life cycle. If the system must be drained, consult your Volvo retailer. Overuse may damage your engine, and some of these additives contain organically volatile chemicals. Page Do not put tape or labels on the disc itself.

2005 Volvo S40 Owners Manual PDF

Always apply the The driver can also change gear manually parking brake when parking the car. See additional guidance in your owner's manual. The filter should be replaced more often when driving under dirty and dusty conditions.

If the warning symbol remains lit, drive to a Volvo workshop to have the system checked. The glove compartment can only be locked and unlocked using the detachable key blade from the central locking system's remote control. There is a certain amount of airflow to the panel air vents. Locate the training button on the garage door opener motor head unit.

Single pole system in which the chas- sis and engine block are used as conductors. There may be concealed damage that could make it difficult or impossible to control. Low oil pressure brake fluid level may be too low. Avoid this by Automatic dipped beam, main beam adjusting the height of the beam.

Volvo is one of the safest cars in the world. The next two numbers or letters are the plant code where it was manufactured, the next two are the tire size code and the last four numbers represent the week and year the tire was built.

Reinstall the headlight housing. Use ignition position I instead, as less power is consumed. Handle the battery in an envi- tures around freezing.

Under normal driving conditions, most of the engine's power is directed to the front wheels. Have the car transported to an injury after intensive exposure.


Jump start the car with a donor battery if the battery is flat and the engine does not start. Turn the connector counterclockwise and pull out the bulb. Synthetic oil is not used when the oil is changed at the normal maintenance intervals except at owner request and at additional charge. Before a long distance trip It is always worthwhile to have your vehicle checked at a Volvo retailer before driving long distances. Switch off the engine in longer stationary traffic.

Contact an authorised Volvo work- and after use. Install the wheel cap where applicable. Back-up light High-level brake light These bulbs are of a special type. The auto volume control function allows the adjustment is possible. Refrigerant Volvo cares about the environment.

2005 Volvo S40 - Owner s Manual (127 pages)

Volvo S40 2005 Owner s Manual

Implement the action in accord- instrument panel All indicator and warning symbols illuminate ance with the message on the display. It can only be fitted in one way. Apply the parking brake handbrake. Power is automatically distributed between front and rear wheels. As an anti- theft measure, the code of the lost remote control must be erased from the system.

The shift pattern should be followed. Move the gear selector to parking Volvo dealer regarding the options for position P. Check local regulations regarding the use of snow chains before installing. If you will be driving through an area where snow or ice are likely to occur, consider snow tires. Drive to an authorized Volvo retailer to have the system s inspected.

Volvo S40 Owner s Manual

Direction indicators, left. This function allows news broad- break through. Note how the bulb holder is positioned. Contact a Volvo workshop if you are unsure about the tread depth. Moving the windshield wiper lever down.


Airflow controls Press one of the three buttons in the illustration to activate the selected airflow. The booster cushion should be cleaned while in place in the vehicle if possible.

Volvo S40 Owners Manual PDF

Contact an authorised Volvo workshop for the exact information. Contact an authorised Volvo work- by the system control module. Consult your Volvo retailer. Welcome to the worldwide family of Volvo owners. During manual closing, if the moonroof is obstructed, buddypress for dummies pdf immediately open it again.

Page Oils And Fluids Volvo does not recommend the use of oil additives. Never leave the vehicle unattended with the engine running. Rear parking assistance is activated when Contact an authorised Volvo workshop for reverse gear is engaged.