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Page Mini-trip Computer Mini-Trip Computer This feature, located in the overhead console, displays information on outside temperature, compass direction, and trip information. You could be injured if the airbag system is not there to protect you.


Such materials might be grass or leaves coming into contact with your ex- haust system. Do not store the cargo cover on the cargo floor or in the passenger compart- ment. Inspect the brake linings. Do not use alcohol or gasoline as a fuel blending agent.

When programming a garage door opener, it is advised to park outside of the garage. Page Over Temperature Mode The transmission electronics constantly monitor the transmission oil temperature.

The frequency will be displayed and continu- ously updated while the button is pressed. The top left switch controls the left front window and the top right switch controls the right front window. Al- ways use radial tires in sets of four. Adjust the column only while the ve- hicle is stopped.

For the rear tires, place it under the axle by the wheel to be changed. When installing plugs, do not overtighten. For example, say Robert Smith or Robert instead of Bob. The lower left switch controls the left rear passenger window, and the lower right switch controls the right rear passenger window. Also, if your vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, keep the front of the condenser clean.

You or others could be injured if you leave the vehicle unattended with the transfer case in the N Neutral position without first fully engaging the parking brake. Before leaving the vehicle parked on a hill, you must make sure the parking brake is fully applied and place the gear selector in the P Park position. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired opera- tion.


Jeep Liberty Manual

The seat belt latch plate is above the back of your seat. Do not attempt to push or tow your vehicle to get it started. Checking the oil while the vehicle is on level ground will improve the accuracy of the oil level readings.

Checking the oil level while the vehicle is on level ground will improve the accu- racy of the oil level reading. Enter the vehicle and close the door. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Use tires of the recommended load capacity for your vehicle.

It is great to have, will save you a lot and know more aboutyour Jeep Liberty, in the long run. It is great to have, will save you a lot and know more about your Jeep Liberty, in the long run. When parking your vehicle, landscape photography tips pdf always leave a manual transmission in first gear and apply the parking brake fully to guard against vehicle movement and possible injury or damage.

2005 Jeep Liberty Manuals

Riding the brakes can lead to brake failure and possibly an accident. Lift up on the storage compartment dividers and lock into place. Press this switch to lock or unlock the doors. If this occurs, the compass variance must be set according to the Compass Variance Map.

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Page Hydraulic Clutch Fluid - Manual Transmission cross-hatched area on the oil level indicator. Shift automatic transmission into D Drive or manual transmission into any forward gear. The right hand control is a rocker type switch with a push-button in the center and controls the volume and mode of the sound system. If the indicator is light or yellow, replace the battery. Improper alignment will not normally cause vehicle vibration, which may be a result of tire and wheel out-of-balance.

Under inflation also increases tire rolling resistance and results in higher fuel consump- tion. Page Shifting Procedure Neutral - Disengages both the front and rear driveshafts from the powertrain. Overloading can cause tire failure, affect vehicle handling, and increase your stopping distance. For the front tires, place it in the notch on the body weld seam behind wheel to be changed. Page Jack Location Jack Location The scissor-type jack, and tire changing tools are stored beneath the right rear seat.

2005 Jeep Liberty Manuals

Here are some simple steps you can take to minimize the risk of harm from a deploying airbag. Inspect the boost pressure solenoid filter.

Inspect the engine air filter element, and replace if necessary. Al- ways use the correct seat cover specified for the vehicle.

Jeep 2005 Liberty Owner s Manual

This vehicle has a higher ground clearance, higher center of gravity, and narrower track than many passenger cars. Fold the seatback completely forward. Forces the front and rear wheels to rotate at the same speed. Inspect the engine air filter element. Pull lightly on the top of the plastic cover to open the outlet.