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Slide the inner rack rearward, with an initial pull to release the rack from its stowed position, until it has completely extended and stops. If your vehicle will be towing a trailer, load from your trailer will be transferred to your vehicle. Page Seating and Safety Restraints How does the side airbag system work? Dislodge the jack from the bracket and carefully guide jack down and out through trim opening, upper end out first. If your vehicle has a stand alone clock this control will not function.

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Release the thumbscrew on the bracket. Many of the hybrid models can be plugged in, though take gas as well. Install the bulb socket in lamp assembly turning it clockwise. When working near the battery, always shield your face and protect your eyes. This indicates the safety belt is now in the automatic locking mode.

Do not hold the lighter in with your hand while it is heating, this will damage the lighter element and socket. Slide the cross-bar to the desired location. Choose the Haynes manual that is right for you with our complete comparison guide.

Does not include information specific to hybrid models. To obtain reimbursement information, U. Consult your dealer for information on other Ford approved methods of traction control. Page Maintenance and Specifications The advertised capacity is the amount of the indicated capacity and the empty reserve combined. Information on transfer case operation and shifting procedures can be found in the Driving chapter.

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Page Refill Capacities Refer to scheduled maintenance information for the appropriate intervals for changing the spark plugs. Refer to the diagram inside the remote entry transmitter for the correct orientation of the battery. The kit to enable Satellite reception is available through your Ford dealer. Pull the bulb out from the socket and push in the new bulb. The Online Manual is not a printed product and not a download.

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Page Seating and Safety Restraints All safety belts in the vehicle are combination lap and shoulder belts. Page Seating and Safety Restraints Follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer of the booster seat.

How does the Safety Canopy system work? Detailed Satellite instructions are included with the dealer installed kit.

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Everyone benefits when they have the necessary knowledge on their vehicle. If it enters the red section, the engine is overheating. They may obstruct your vision or strike occupants of vehicle in the case of a sudden stop or collision.

Ford recommends the use of a digital or dial type tire pressure gauge rather than a stick type tire pressure gauge. Ford Escape factory repair manual. The decisions of the Board are binding on Ford and, in some cases, on the dealer but not on consumers who are free to pursue other remedies available to them under state or federal law. Ford Escape Owner's Manual pages. Written from hands-on experience gained from the complete strip-down and rebuild of a Ford Escape, Haynes can help you understand, tiles pdf care for and repair your Ford Escape.

Please take the time to get well acquainted with your vehicle by reading this handbook. The warnings are the same for the driver and the front passenger.

Stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible, switch off the engine and let the engine cool. Loaded vehicles may handle differently than unloaded vehicles.

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Page Seating and Safety Restraints The airbags inflate and deflate rapidly upon activation. Rotate to the second position to also turn on the headlamps. Going all the way up to four generations, they each provide a new and improved addition as you continue to go up. If the warning stays on after the park brake is off, contact your dealer as soon as possible.

If the side airbag has deployed, the airbag will not function again. Page Tires, Wheels and Loading Power is supplied to all four wheels through a transfer case or power transfer unit. If you lose your dealer supplied keys, replacement keys are available through your authorized dealer. The arrow in the above graphic points toward the front of the vehicle. Rotate the headlamp control to the autolamp position.

Page Engine Oil In very cold weather, do not fill the reservoir completely. This operation is considered normal and will not affect function or durability of the transmission. Page Driving If you smell exhaust fumes inside your vehicle, have your dealer inspect your vehicle immediately. Do not touch them after inflation.

Do all repairs on your own, but also gain the information you want on this model. Printed manual The original and best, delivered to your door. Online manual More details. Set the parking brake, depress the clutch and place the gearshift in N Neutral.

Make sure the corresponding lights illuminate or illuminate briefly. Therefore, do not allow flames, sparks or lighted substances to come near the battery. Do not place any objects on the cargo area shade. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule and owner maintenance checks found in scheduled maintenance information. Check the fuel system for leaks.

Ford Escape repair manual

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Pull the cushion to the outboard side of the vehicle. Lift the feet over the side rails and lock them into place.

When the engine is cold, check the level of the engine coolant in the reservoir. Page Ford Motor Company recommends that caution be used with any vehicle equipped with a high load or device such as ladder racks or pickup box cover. Page Driving pavement only after reducing your speed.