2004 Toyota Prius Owners Manual Pdf

Along with the proper use of seat belts, locking the doors helps prevent the driver and passengers from being thrown out from the ve-hicle during an accident. Or, use a large amount of water to prevent flam-mable gas from being generated from the batteries. Then lower the hood and make sure it locks into place.

This not only keeps the luggage from being thrown out, but also pre-vents exhaust gases from entering the vehicle. This will help prevent the washer fluid from freezing on your windshield, which can block your vision. With the brake pedal pressed down, fully depress the parking brake pedal to apply the parking brake securely.

To change the meter display, quickly push and release the button. For this reason, the ve-hicle battery will be discharged if the ve-hicle is left for a long time. Then make sure it remains untwisted as it re-tracts. Call a Toyota before opening the hood.

If the indicator lamp does not go off, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible. The hood will spring up slightly. You will then be able to smoothly pull the belt out of the retractor. Page Toyota dealer if you can give them the key number and master key.

When Prius was new, edexcel textbooks pdf there were no affordable offerings for a device of this sort. It serves as a convenient means of introduction to all aspects of Prius. All the information stated in this document was provided by Prius owners. Many new owners accidentally discover the off button.


Do not apply exces-sive weight to the outer side of the seats with a side airbag, and to the front pillar, rear pillar and roof side rail with a curtain shield airbag. This will prevent it from in-juring passengers in the event of a sud-den stop or accident. This document is not sanctioned by Toyota Motor Corporation or any of its affiliates.

But it doesn't stop there. Open the glove box, and slide off label is placed on the left side of the ter long use. Failure to do so will prevent the seat belt from operating properly. Follow all the installation instructions provided by its manufacturer.

In order to activate the smart func-tion, the battery should be replaced. Compared with ordinary vehicles, you may feel less powerful engine braking during high speed driving.

If wheel covers are used, they will be at your Toyota dealer. The vehicle controls the optimum ratio of the gasoline and electric power to help use energy more efficiently. Be certain to replace head restraint. The buzzer can be disabled. The driver and front passenger can be killed or seriously injured by the inflating airbags if they do not wear the available seat belts properly.

Toyota Prius 2004 User Manual

Toyota Prius 2004 User Manual

Taking hold of the handle with a gloved hand might cause a delay in unlock-ing. The entire assembly should be replaced even if damage is not obvious. Should you find anything unusual, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible. The light will remain on there-after.

Toyota 2004 Prius Owner s Manual

Smart entry and start system. The system should activate the alarm. The window will fully open or close.

This warns the driver to avoid forceful acceleration. Never touch any item in shaded area.

Bring the heaviest coat you expect to wear for prop-er measurement and selection of length. Vehicle performance impro-ves.


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The window moves as long as you hold the switch. Seventh Edition, First Revision. Fully extend the shoulder belt to put it in the lock mode. This light reminds you when to replace the engine oil. You are informed about what you must or must not do in order to avoid or re-duce the risk of damage to your vehicle and its equipment.

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Toyota Prius - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)

Hold the hood open by inserting the support rod into the slot. Latch the buckles onto the anchor-ages.

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Create an account and get the most out of your Toyota today. Toyota dealer will be pleased to answer them. Replace engine oil Take vehicle to Toyota dealer. Stopping procedure Stop your Prius completely by de- pressing the brake pedal and then ap- ply the parking brake.

It is not de- from mud, etc. Page It is normal if it turns off after where in the components monitored by a while.

Toyota Matrix Owner's Manual pages. Page For installation details, refer to the instruc- tion manual equipped with each product. Toyota Prius Owner's Manual pages. Page When The slip indicator light blinks in the follow- replacing the tires or wheels, con- ing conditions also. Caution labels are ap-plied to these parts to identify them.