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They mainly differ with regard to the dials. Make sure plier jaws seat in grooves of clamp arrows -B- - Tension clamp by using torque wrench to turn spindle keep pliers at right angle to shaft. Pull foam rubber sleeve off connector, if installed. The cover is no longer required.

The mobile phone rest is attached to the dash panel. The total output of the system is hp.

Apart from the sender, this repair kit contains a sealing ring, circlip and four different spacer caps. Steering gears that are damaged by an accident must be replaced.

However, the control unit each calculate a result based on a mode of communication between the engine table of formulae. Used new exterior body panels, with the exception of roof and glazing, with noticeable changes in the grille and headlights. The wheel bearing is secured by a point nut.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Thoroughly clean connections and immediate vicinity before loosening. For anti-theft coded radios, first make sure that the radio code is available. Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

By this time, the front-wheel drive and the hatchback-type body have become commonplace on this car. Illustration shows the housing in cross section for better view.

New, larger brakes will therefore be used in the new Passat depending on engine type. The changes were mostly cosmetic, but at the same time, new headlights, bumpers, taillights and chrome in the finish gave Passat the look of a new car. The model was called Passat in all markets. Automobile Volkswagen Golf Repair Manual pages. If it is difficult to turn the tap onto the thread or if metal swarf forms, cisco 1921 manual pdf this indicates the thread is deformed.

Installation position Fig. Welding and straightening of the axle beam is not permissible. Page The Engines The engines Engines in general On the following pages, you will find All engines have an electrical throttle control. Page The Brakes Running Gear The brakes The front and rear disc brakes are configured for excellent deceleration under braking. Steering gears that are damaged by an accident must be replaced For a satisfactory and successful repair, the greatest care, safety and proper tools are required.


In revising the vehicle, radiator grille. Splines must be free of oil and grease. The brake pedal travel must not be restricted by additional floor coverings. Adjusting wheel bearing play Page - Firmly depress brake pedal once, this adjusts the rear brakes.

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Counter-hold on guide pin. Adjust with engine switched off Adjusting steering box - Raise vehicle on hoist. The temperature sensor is built in the air duct on the outlet side of the evaporator. Removing - Fold up rear seat. Coat sealing ring with lubricant e.


Welding and straightening work on steering components is not permitted. Secure the triple-rotor joint with tape so that the housing is not inadvertently pushed back when installing the axle shaft. Firmly depress the brake pedal once. The three- and five-door hatchback and station wagon were manufactured in North America for and during the model year.

Front brake disc thickness Pad thickness Rear brake caliper dia. For a satisfactory and successful repair, the greatest care, safety and proper tools are required. When removing the brake drum make sure that the outer wheel bearing does not fall out.

With the Haldex system, during normal driving, the car behaves as a front-wheel drive, until an axle slip is detected. Make sure that the centering ring wiring connection is located in the recess in the trim panel. The system operates when the ignition is off and when the sliding roof is open or tilted. Checking radial play - Press lower part of wheel outward and inward.

For this purpose, four ultrasound converters are built into in the rear bumper. Removing - Before disassembling mark position of the ball hub in relation to the ball cage and housing with an electric scriber or oil stone. This rubber mounting may only be installed in the control arm inner mounting. The continued line must pass through the center of hole arrow. Pumps supplied as spare parts are not filled with oil.

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In comparison with the predecessor in the outer seat positions, front and rear. Both halves are joined to one another by spring pins arrow. Ensure that the jaws of the pliers seat in the -arrow -B- of the clamp.

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The system's improved light beam enable the driver to recognise luminous efficiency provides higher active hazards and reduce speed earlier. Standard belt tensioner systems are used positions. Page Automatic Gearbox Power Transmission Automatic gearbox The new Passat is available with the same automatic transmission as in the predecessor model. Adjust with engine switched off.