2003 Saab 9 3 Owners Manual Pdf

2003 Saab 9 3 Owners Manual PDF


Page Malfunction Tire pressure system failure. Page Starting the engine Avoid racing the engine or loading it heavily before it has warmed up.

The lighting comes on when the cover is raised. To calculate the requisite average speed, the distance must first be given. Page Lock Buttons Locking a car with dead battery The steering wheel lock requires sufficient battery voltage to lock and unlock.

Electric heating, front seats option The seat cushions and backrests of the front seats are heated. Headlight washers are only available on certain markets.

Page Hazard Warning Lights Instruments and controls Hazard warning light switch Hazard warning lights The button for the hazard warning lights is located on the climate control panel. Never make any alterations or repairs to the safety belts yourself but visit a Saab dealer.

Avoid spraying electrical components and con- nectors. Turn off the engine but leave the low beam on.

Ensure that nothing can be trapped behind the seat when adjusting it. Right brake light failure. Recirculation is not selected when the engine is started fresh air mode.

You can suffer burns or be blinded. Page Vanity Mirror Interior equipment Sun visor with vanity mirror Sun visor Illuminated vanity mirrors are provided on the sun visors.

Page For Long Trips For long trips Before starting off on a long journey, it is advisable to have your car inspected by your Saab dealer. If not, it may move while the car is being driven and it could result in injury to the occupant in the event of a crash. If possi- ble, the damaged area should be taken back to the bare metal.

Saab 2003 9-3 Owner s Manual

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Some car alarm functions and indications can be reprogrammed. Page If dirt, ice or similar create so much resis- tance that the pinch protection cuts in, the pinch protection can be temporarily disen- gaged and the window closed. The pressure monitoring system consists of a sensor in each wheel, a detector in three wheel housings and a receiver. Page Ignition Switch Starting and driving Ignition switch The ignition switch is located on the center console between the front seats. Sustained high temperature can cause the material of the tire to degenerate and reduce tire life.

All windows and the sunroof should be shut when the car is locked in Full theft alarm mode. Be sure the electrolyte in the battery is not frozen. The inflating airbag cushions the driver. During calibration, the four windows will be raised and lowered several times.

If the brake fluid should require chang- ing, revistas de tatuajes pdf gratis this must be carried out at a Saab dealer. Your Saab dealer will be pleased to advise you on the best tires for your car.

The first coat, the base color, contains the pigment, metal flakes and binder. If the car is equipped with a towbar, this can be used instead of the towing eye. Temperature gauge The temperature gauge shows the temper- ature of the coolant. Page Vehicle Recovery Starting and driving Always try to keep the towrope taut by gently applying the brake of the car on tow, as necessary. Press to increase or decrease the fan speed.

If a floor jack is used, the lifting plate must be positioned under the normal jacking points. Gear selector indicator cars with automatic trans- mission The current gear position is displayed on the right-hand side of the information display. Trunk lighting The trunk lighting is switched on and off when the trunk lid is opened and closed. Page Your Saab dealer can advise you of to the correct size tire for your car if different from the original size and also supply Saab approved winter tires pre-mounted on steel or alloy rims. Page Instruments Instruments Tachometer The tachometer displays the engine speed in thousands of revolutions per minute.

You should have your car checked by a Saab dealer as soon as possible. Page Washing Keep the glass well polished, as this helps to prevent misting.

This is partic- ularly true on winter tires. The sunroof will halt when you release the control.

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Check that it is securely fastened. Pull the bulb out of the bulb holder. The inflatable curtains inflate at the same time as the side airbags in the front seats in case of a side-on impact. Automatic closing Slide the control forward to its second posi- tion and release it.

The engine family and appropriate tune-up specifications are iden- tified on a label affixed to the left front inner fender. Page Front towing eye fitted. Kick-down When the accelerator is pressed down fully, a down change is made to optimize acceler- ation, e.

Car care Other bulbs If any other bulbs need changing, we rec- ommend that you visit a Saab dealer. Page Starting and driving Recommendations for cars with manual transmission Rises in coolant temperature are indicated by the temperature gauge in the main instru- ment panel. Page Manual Climate-control System Instruments and controls Manual climate-control system Fresh air for the cabin is drawn in through an inlet grille at the bottom edge of the wind- shield. Page Recommendations for cars with manual transmission Rises in coolant temperature are indicated by the temperature gauge in the main instru- ment panel.


This handle will glow following exposure to light. This way, you will be sure to have the right wheel, wheel bolts and wheel nuts for your vehicle. This could cause personal injury and damage the soft top mecha- nism.

The headlights or front fog lights must be on. Cause Failure of the soft top to lock automatically to the windshield. Page Car care Parking lights The parking light bulb is located in the same reflector as the main beam bulb.