2002 Mini Cooper Owners Manual Pdf

Mini Cooper Owner s Manual

Mini Cooper Owner s Manual

MINI Cooper S Manual

Apply a screwdriver at the recess batteries there. Fold the backrest back to the home posi- tion to lock the seat. You can reduce the risk of spinal Direct deactivation from second tempera- injury and whiplash by adjusting the ture setting.

Page Automatic Climate Control Turn on windshield heating if necessary. Page Controls Overview Controls overview Odometer, outside Press the button in the turn indicator lever repeatedly until the current speed appears temperature display, in the lower display. For your own safety Important safety information. Operation filler door are unlocked or locked. When leaving the vehicle, always The window closes automatically.

Mini Mini Owner's Manual pages. Also See for Cooper Owner's manual - pages Workshop manual - pages Owner's manual - pages. It should stay with the vehicle when sold to provide John Cooper the next owner with important operating, safety and mainte- Works nance information. This Owner's comprehensive index at the back of the assist you in gaining the optimum Manual describes the entire array of manual. Page Maximum Cooling Air flow rate, manual and, if necessary, books on abnormal psychology pdf increase the air flow rate.

Pull up as far as it will go. The color changes in stages, ultimately to blue. Reducing brightness Press the button briefly. Symbol for vehicle parts Indicates that you should consult the relevant section of this Owner's Manual for information on a particular part or assembly.


SlideShare Explore Search You. If the driver's door is closed, touching the switch locks it.

Use the screwdriver to lever out the doors mechanically cover. The window opens automatically.

Do not touch the travel in the rear in suitable restraint A system defect could prevent the airbags individual components directly after the systems. Expectant mothers should always wear No one and nothing is to come between the their safety belts, taking care to position airbags and the seat occupant.

Automobile Mini Cooper Owner's Manual pages. Displays the current fuel consumption to allow you to see whether your current driving style is Analog to Always Open Timer conducive to fuel economy with minimum exhaust emissions.

Mini Cooper S 2002 Owners Manual PDF

Do transmission automatically returns to D, auto- not forget to firmly apply the parking brake prior matic drive. Operation is subject to the system is activated at the same time. To do this could cause a fire in the vehicle resulting from a circuit overload.

Mini Cooper Owners Manual

We recommend that you read this publication thoroughly. Comply with the installation instruc- tions supplied with the rack system. Adjust the head restraint.

Sun visors Can be swung sideways. Never let an that come with the system. In on the windshield in front of the mirror. Parking the vehicle To prevent the vehicle from rolling, always select position P and apply the parking brake before leaving the vehicle with the engine running.

If the battery was disconnected, e. Four lashing eyes are provided for attaching the cargo straps. Do not allow the belt to extreme horizontal angle especially impor- strongly urge you to observe the instruc- rest against hard or fragile objects.

Active safety is thus increased. Shift the selector lever into position P or N.

Make corrections in the longitudinal until the seat reaches the desired height. See the table for information on causes and how to react.

The higher the If the air outside the car has an rate, the more effective the heating or unpleasant odor or contains pollut- cooling will be. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Page If con- vertible top securely locked, drive may be continued. Pull the door handle above the armrest doors from the inside. Page Replacing The Battery The rear glass sunroof is raised.

Otherwise, exhaust fumes could penetrate the interior of the vehicle. This can be system adjusted to be vehicle-specific. Note whether a lamp comes on alone or in combination with another. Briefly press the button to check for other messages.

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