You get more time to stop. Page Power Steering Steering Power Steering If you lose power steering assist because the engine stops or the system is not functioning, you can steer but it will take much more effort. The light tells you if there is an electrical problem. Also explained are the instrument panel and the warning systems that tell you if everything is working properly and what to do if you have a problem. In a crash, you would move forward too much, which could increase injury.

Your front axle will engage faster if you take your foot off of the accelerator for a couple of seconds after you shift. The guide must be on top of the belt. Page Parking Brake Parking Brake To set the parking brake, hold the regular brake pedal down with your right foot.

Take the simplest vehicle. Pull forward on the seatback and up on the seat cushion to make sure the seat is securely in place. You or others could be burned. The selector switch is located on the end of the column shift lever.

Move the upper control to the left or right to choose the mirror you want to adjust, then press the arrows on the lower control pad to adjust the mirror. Page Each new wheel should have the same load capacity, diameter, width, offset and be mounted the same way as the one it replaces. To increase volume and turn the radio on, turn the knob clockwise. It can cause unconsciousness and death.

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Page Recreational Vehicle Towing Recreational Vehicle Towing There may be times when you want to tow your vehicle behind another vehicle for use at your destination. Will it keep the air bags from working properly? Page Hydraulic Clutch Hydraulic Clutch The hydraulic clutch linkage in your vehicle is self adjusting. You are much less likely to get bad surprises. Read the part that follows before using four wheel drive.

Your vehicle may also have a key that locks and unlocks only the center floor console if equipped. Some commercial truck tires may not have treadwear indicators. Use these switches to shift into and out of four drive.

Chevrolet 2001 Silverado 1500 Pickup Owner s ManualWhat is a PDF/X-1a file

Pull forward on the release strap located under the rear seat cushion. It can take a second or two, or even several seconds, for your eyes to readjust to the dark. There are parts of the air bag system in several places around your vehicle.

For pregnant women, as for anyone, the key to making safety belts effective is wearing them properly. Find a safe place to park your vehicle. See your Warranty and Owner Assistance booklet or your dealer for details.

You can turn the outlets from side and down to direct the flow of air. In a crash, you could go into it, receiving neck or other injuries. The person keeps going until stopped by something.

Check constant velocity joints and axle seals for leaking. Push it back in all the way, wait three seconds and then pull it back out again.

The file needs to contain an output intent which describes the intended printing condition. Then replace the pressure cap. You can set the wiper speed for a long or short delay between wipes. When the transmission fluid temperature returns to normal, the display will turn off and the transmission shifting patterns will return to normal.

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When you go in to order it, take the heaviest coat you will wear, so the extender will be long enough for you. In cold weather, when the system senses the need for heat, application of mathematics in biology pdf the airflow will be directed out of the floor outlets. You can also use your key.

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The belt forces would be there, not at the pelvic bones. Page If you decide you can go down a hill safely, then try to keep your vehicle headed straight down, and use a low gear. Be sure to read about the particular systems supplied with your vehicle.

Use a low gear and get a firm grip on the steering wheel. To pull a trailer correctly, follow the advice in this part, and see your dealer for important information about towing a trailer with your vehicle. Only a limited number of compression algorithms are supported.

This can be done at any speed, and the front axle will unlock automatically with some delay. Pull on the bottom of the ashtray door to open it. Pull the old bulb straight out from the socket. The latch will catch when the window is fully open and it will also hold it in the open position.

Assemble the wheel wrench and the two jack handle extensions as shown. Never turn the cap when the cooling system, including the coolant surge tank pressure cap, is hot. Page City Driving City Driving One of the biggest problems with city streets is the amount of traffic on them.

Its use also seems to be largely restricted to those countries. You may drive very short distances only a few times a week. Plain water, or some other liquid like alcohol, can boil before the proper coolant mixture will.

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Lower the jack completely. Original manufacturer replacement parts will provide the corrosion protection while maintaining the warranty. To get the most satisfaction out of four drive, you must be familiar with its operation. Press the button and swing the console lid open.

To tilt the head restraints forward, grasp the top of the restraint and move it forward to where you want it to go until you hear a click. Use care not to overtighten plug. Although your vehicle has a number of theft features, we know that nothing we put on it can make it impossible to steal. Others can burst into flame if you strike a match or get them on a hot part of the vehicle. The safety belt also locks if you pull the belt very quickly out of the retractor.

Page The heavier the rain, the harder it is to see. Page Checking Brake Fluid You can check the brake fluid without taking off the cap. Line up each push with its intended retainer and push the washer portion of the push towards the retainer until it locks into place. Place your sunglasses in the compartment door with the lenses facing out.

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Chevrolet 2001 Silverado 1500 Pickup Owner s Manual