2000 Audi A4 Service Manual Pdf

The lap part of the belt should fit closely over the hips. This is available from Audi inside the control console. The Audi parking system gives an acoustic warning if there are any Stop reversing immediately! The sun roof can be operated for about ten minutes after the igni- tion has been switched off. Make sure that the Audi rings are facing upwards.


The paddle levers are activated when the selector lever is in position D or S, or the position for the manual shift programme tiptronic. They warn you Please ensure that this Owner's Manual is always kept in the vehicle. Manual release of the boot lid Fig. The steering lock is released locking switch on the door handle or the remote control key.

Audi 1.8T Technician Reference Manual

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Always keep the compartment cover closed while the vehicle is in motion to reduce the risk of injury during a sudden braking manoeuvre or in the event of an accident. Switch on the ignition do not start the engine. We are here to help if you have been impacted by the Caravan repairs.

This feature can be used to cool the interior with the blower when the vehicle is left parked in the sun. The airbag system is not a substitute for the seat belts. The driver is responsible for the safety of the passengers Safety on the road is directly related to how you drive, and and the safe operation of the vehicle at all times. Seat belt height adjusters can be used to adjust the height of the shoulder portion of the seat belt. Page Storage Compartments In this case, a different type of inverter must be installed in the vehicle.

For the sake of the environment Used batteries must be disposed of appropriately and must not be discarded with ordinary household waste. Page Radio Transmitters And Business Equipment In extreme cases this could mean that you might lose the type approval for your vehicle. Pressing the button a second time will switch on the It is advisable to open the air outlets when using the auxiliary blower again. Page Jump-starting The code number of the anti-theft wheel bolt is stamped on the front Please note the safety warnings referring to working in the of the adapter. They can be purchased and installed at an Audi they start to sway sideways.

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System - The Audi braking guard system can be switched on and off. For this reason, uttar pradesh voter list pdf we recommend that you ask an Audi dealer for advice before fitting accessories or replacement parts. Page Audi Drive Select You can adjust the basic characteristics of the steering in the Audi drive Audi drive select allows you to use different set-ups on your vehicle.

It must never be allowed to run across the neck. The side assist system has inherent limitations in some situations. Adjust the mirrors to give sufficient socket. This is available from Audi dealers.

In these situations the occupants are protected by wearing the seat belts. Have the remote control coding for that key deactivated.

AUDI A4 Owner s Manual

Passengers not wearing seat belts risk fatal injuries in the event of an accident. Audi dealers carry stocks of cleaning products which have been tested for use on your vehicle and are not harmful to the Waxing and polishing environment. The exact location and colour of the button may The programmed devices are activated by means of the vary depending on the type of garage door opener.

Page Cruise Control System Once it detects that the Audi hold assist can be switched on only when the driver's door vehicle is stopped, Audi hold assist keeps the vehicle stationary. Newer Post Older Post Home. All luggage and other objects must be safely secured in Never place objects in the driver's footwell.

Page Audi Braking Guard Fig. Page This is no cause for concern. Front armrest The armrest can be adjusted to several positions and Adjusting the rear head restraints moved back and forwards. General notes Caution We have a wide selection of leathers.

Always keep the road ahead within your field of late the time at which a collision can be avoided only by emergency vision. If you anticipate hazards Regular servicing can establish a basis for good fuel economy and speed changes well in advance, you will need to brake less and before you start driving.


The green area of the scale represents the distance System status indicator in the instrument setting. If you notice unusual vibration or the car pulling to one side, this may indicate General notes that one of the tyres is damaged. Clean burning turbocharged diesel engines are common and are considered to be among the most reliable engines ever used in a passenger vehicle. This makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle.

When towing on a loose surface there is always a risk of overloading and damaging the anchorage points. Page On-board Computer The display may not be complete on new vehicles within the first km.

Page In some districts, they dry out. The relevant safety requirements must be observed when the vehicle or components of the system are scrapped. If necessary, check the type plates on the connected appliances for details of the power ratings. The red indicator To avoid impairing the function of the side assist, do not attach lamp in the button will light up.