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What is the distance d, and where is the sharp image of the light source formed? Does it remain in stationary equilibrium? If it were possible to produce one, where, and along which direction, would a toroidal sausage split while being cooked? Another good idea is to use an inertial frame of reference moving relative to the ice in a suitably chosen direction.

In both, a thin but strong elastic metal wire in the form of a quarter-circle is attached to a solid vertical post. He decides to try to identify the centre of mass of the triangle, and so he lays it on a sheet of paper, and draws the lines connecting each vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side. Write the equations for any translational and rotational motion, and determine the condition for the upward motion of point B.

Find the charge distribution on the disc. The cord, which has negligible mass, passes over a pulley, and the iron cube is sus- pended in the water, as shown in the figure. Because of these similarities, the planet is called Exo-Earth. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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The description of the motion is best made using polar coordi- nates. Assume that the Moon is a homogeneous sphere. The magnets are held in such a position that the net force between them is attractive, and there are no torques generated. Then apply the first law of thermodynamics. The average density of the planet is the same as that of the Earth, its radius R is equal to the radius of the Earth, and the period of its rotation around its long axis is just one day.

Find the values of resistors x, y and z. What is the maximum height h of the incline?

When the lower piston is released, the pistons descend slowly. Each is attached to the ceiling of the gymnasium by a small pivot, and both are pulled aside by identical horizontal forces at their lower ends. Determine the minimal possible angle between the directions of the particles after the collision. Use the fact that any change in magnetic interaction energy depends only on the initial and final states, and that it does not depend on the process by which the final situation was reached.

He is also one of the authors of Puzzling Physics Problems. He is one of the authors of Puzzling Physics Problems. This further book of physics problems should prove not only instructive and challenging, but also enjoyable. The vast majority of the problems are based on classical physics, of the kind taught in sixth forms and the early years of university. To determine the surface charge distribution on the sphere, replace the image charges with spheres of radius R carrying a uniform volume charge density, que es eclampsia pdf and partially overlapping each other.

It is found that the system is in equilibrium. What immediately catches all their eyes is a huge gold nugget lying on the further bank, directly across the river. It is probably helpful to first analyse the extreme case in which the gravitational field due to the heavy ball is much larger than that of the Earth. Then, one by one, place them in thermal contact with the originally cold distilled water.

The velocity of the block changes regularly, alternating between speeding up and slowing down. By pulling horizontally on the carpet, both it and the sack are to be moved onto an immediately adjacent rougher surface at the same height see figure. If the experiment is repeated with a different non-ferromagnetic say, copper tube with the same length but a slightly larger diameter, then the corresponding time is tj.

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Find also an expression for v. Find a particular point in the plane of the triangle at which the electric field strength is zero. From these - using an appropriate mechanical analogy - all of the details of the stretching of the Slinky including its total elongation can be deduced. Any interface resistances between the squares can be neglected.

PDF Download More Puzzling Physics Problems With Hints And Solutions Free

This curiosity is not a coincidence, but a straightfor- ward consequence of the tidal forces acting between the Earth and the Moon. Imagine that a tunable current generator is connected to the two terminals of one of the circuit elements.

Planets travel in elliptical orbits with the sun at the centre of the ellipse. That for experts is shown in figure b and is a single rope with, at one end, an eyelet, through which the other end is threaded. If you are unable to achieve this, you should not give up, but turn to the relevant page of the hints in the short second chapter. Problems whose solutions require especially difficult reasoning or more demanding mathematical calculations are marked by one or two asterisks - and one problem has earned itself a three-star rating! Many of the corresponding solutions, however, require routine, but perhaps long and boring, calculations, which tend to deter even the most curiosity-driven students of the subject.

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There are some problems whose solutions raise questions that are beyond the scope of this book. Initially, the temperature of the enclosed gas is equal to that of the outside air, and the lower piston is held up against the separating wall.

Consequently, perhaps contrary to expectation, the air-drag loss increases, rather than decreases, the speed of the satellite. The necklace is wound once round the slippery surface of the cylinder, and the free end is left to dangle see figure. When will the initially moving electron first stop? What happens to the interaction energy? The fact is that the cartwheel does not rotate around a stationary axis, since it also has translational motion.

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