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However, in hot weather, oil of higher viscosity is required to properly lubricate the engine. Release the button to stop fast forwarding. Do not raise the vehicle higher than necessary. Carefully raise the crossbar from roof rails.

The master key and submaster key fit all locks on your vehicle. Always make sure that all doors and the rear gate are locked before leaving your vehicle. The oil level should be kept even with the bottom of the filler hole. Disconnect the connector behind the case cap.

Release the switch after the sunroof has been raised or has been low- ered completely. Page Door Locks Door locks J Locking and unlocking from the outside B For vehicles with power door locking switches To lock the door from the outside with the key, turn the key toward the rear. Turn off unnecessary lights and accessories. Then re- lease the lever and move the seat back and forth to make sure that it is securely locked into place. Then release the accelerator pedal.

Page Auto Metal Sensor again is being played. Unlock the seatback by pulling the release knob and fold it down. The indicator light located on the switch lights up while the rear window defogger is operating.


Page Maintenance Tools The storage tray is located under the floor of the luggage compartment and can be used to store small items. Page Automatic Transmission Do not drive with your hand resting on the shift lever. Set the temperature control lever all the way to the left in the blue area.

Page Catalytic Converter the exhaust system for a short time after the engine has been shut off. Press and release any button on the transmitter that you wish to program into the system.

Subaru legacy manual

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In addition, damage or performance problems resulting from modification may not be covered under warranties. The radio will stop at the station for five seconds while displaying the frequency, after which scanning will continue until the entire band has been scanned from the low end to the high end. Replace the bulb with a new one. Page D Do not drive across steep slopes.

Then apply the brakes softly to bring the vehicle to a stop. Release the key immediately after the engine has started.

Page Outside Mirrors To turn on the outside mirror defogger, push the switch while the en- gine is running. It includes the total weight of driver and all passengers and their belongings, any optional equipment such as a trailer hitch, roof rack or bike carrier, etc. If you carry a regular size spare tire in your vehicle or trailer as a precau- tion against getting a flat tire, be sure that the spare tire is firmly secured.

To return the rear seat to its original position, raise the seatback and seat cushion until it locks into place and make sure that they are securely locked. In the fader control mode, the display shows the indication as shown. To open the compartment, push on the lid lightly and it will automatically open. Page Interior Equipment J Vanity mirror with light if equipped To use the vanity mirror, swing down the visor and open the cover.

Subaru legacy manual

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The fuses are located in three fuse boxes. This may cause loss of vehicle control and result in personal injury. They should consult their doctor for specific recommendations.

Repairs needed as a result of using the wrong refrigerant are not covered under warranty. Turn the link counterclockwise as far as possible. Belt deflection should be the amount specified. Under extremely dusty condi- tions, replace it more frequently. Open the hood to ventilate the engine compartment.

Subaru 1999 Legacy Owner s Manual

The vehicle will maintain the desired speed. If any problems are apparent, ths3001 pdf do not tow the trailer. Malfunctions or problems might result. Replace the spark plugs according to the maintenance schedule in the warranty and maintenance booklet.

When leaving your vehicle, make sure the light is turned off to avoid bat- tery discharge. Check that your passengers have fastened their seat belts. Page Security System if Equipped Doors and locks Security system if equipped The security system helps to protect your vehicle and valuables from theft.


Never use your foot on the wheel nut wrench or a pipe extension on the wrench because you may exceed the specified torque. The driver is therefore able to start the vehicle the same way as on a level grade, just using the clutch and accelerator pedal. Page Gvwr And Gawr able cargo space.

Automatic tuning may not function properly if the station reception is weak- ened by distance from the station or proximity to tall buildings and hills. Use of these fuels can also help keep the air cleaner. To shut off the outside air Ventilation. Page Waxing And Polishing Frequent polishing with a compound or an incorrect polishing technique will result in removing the paint layer and exposing the undercoat. Make sure that the engine hood and the trunk lid are locked.

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Before starting to drive, always make sure that the parking brake has been fully released. In the balance control mode, the display shows the indication as shown. To close the rear sunroof, turn the wrench counterclockwise.

Remember that damage done to your Subaru while operating if off-road and not using common sense precautions such as those listed above is not eligible for warranty coverage. Subaru Legacy Owner's Manual pages. Subaru Outback Owner's Manual pages. Page Cigarette Lighter option The electrical power socket located on the right-lower part of the instru- ment panel can be used as cigarette lighter socket.